Book (Mini) Review! – Monster in the Closet by Karen Rose

Police/Crime Drama Review of Monster in the Closet by Karen Rose

Mini Book Review on Karen Rose's 'Monster in the Closet' - start to a brand new lil' series!


‘The Year of Simple Living’ Ebook Review!

Review, Book Review, Scale it Simple, The Year of Simple Living

Ebook review on Scale it Simple's 'The Year of Simple Living' - all about simplifying your life!

What am I reading next…?

What am I reading next...? Featured Graphic

Check out what my next 5 books I plan to read are!

My Top 5 Ways to Fight Back Against Stress! #TimetoTalk

Please note: This is a guest post for Jen's #TimetoTalk blogathon over on her blog: Thrive in Chaos! Make sure to go check out the rest of the guest posts, and her other posts! 🙂 Hello, Readers of the #TimetoTalk blogathon! For my guest post, I shall be writing about my 'Top 5 Ways to … Continue reading My Top 5 Ways to Fight Back Against Stress! #TimetoTalk

Should you buy a Fitbit Charge 2?

Fitbit Charge 2 Review Featured Image

Debating on whether to purchase a fitness tracker/Fitbit Charge 2? Read this review!

My January in a (pea)nutshell!

My January in a (Pea)nutshell!

Welcome to a brand new blog post segment! I write about my January in a (Pea)nutshell!

My Dream Adventure Itinerary! – Paris to Berlin – #TucanTravel

Check out my dream adventure itineray, from Paris to Berlin, for the Trips100 Tucan Travel competition!

5 way to Spring Clean your life this January – for a Healthier Lifestyle in 2019!

5 ways to get yourself together, try something new and spring clean your life this January - for a healthier lifestyle in 2019!

Would You Rather…? Tag Challenge!

Syrah tagged me in the 'Would You Rather' Challenge! Check out my answers to her questions!

Achieve what YOU want in 2019 – My 2019 Bucket List! (Travel, Fitness + More!)

Achieve what YOU want in 2019! My 2019 Bucket List (Travel, Fitness, Hobbies + More!)